Suave Monster

Suave Monster is an "audio collage"  project that I have with one of my good buddies Niko Suave. We started C.1 with one song back in April or 2020 in his back shed and just went from there. We finished when we moved in together in November of 2020. Yes its only one track. No we are not splitting them up.

Suave MonsteR - CRACK(Music Video)

Studio Material




DJ Mixes

Edited 12_2_20 DJ Set Pic.jpg

James Blake - CMYK

Luke Vibert - Vic Acid 

Plaid - Matin Lunaire 

Squarepusher - Beep Street

Purity Ring - I like the Devil

Bjork - Army of Me

Feed Me - Lonely Mountain

Autechre - Montreal

Simian Mobile Disco - Cream Dream

Prodigy - Poison

FaultyDL - Drugs

Chemical Brothers - Eve of Destruction

Aly \ Fila - Mysteries Unfold

Gift Horse